Eliminates stool odors

P & B Robinson in Alabama wrote:
We have been showing German Shepherds for over 15 years and have been using Prozyme® for approximately 12 years. We breed and show German Shepherds as well as German Shorthairs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. All of our dogs are fed Prozyme with every feeding. Even the rescues are fed Prozyme.

...At one point, in an attempt to cut costs, we decided not to feed Prozyme to dogs who were being shown or bred. BIG MISTAKE. Within three days we decided we could not stop feed Prozyme® to everybody. The kennels smelled terrible. Feeding Prozyme® virtually eliminates stool odors in the kennel. People who visit our kennel are amazed that with 30 days (sometimes more, sometimes less) our kennels do not smell badly - even when they have not yet been cleaned. Our kennels are decks off the ground and we hose down - we do not pick up.

We would not consider raising a litter of puppies without weaning them on Prozyme®. The puppies start off digesting their food better and avoid a lot of problems often seen in puppies. We feel so strongly Prozyme that we require the new puppy buyer to feed Prozyme® for the duration of the warranty period (1 year) or the warranty is VOID. We hope, and recommend, that they continue to feed Prozyme for the entire life of the dog.
Saving new born kittens

J. Rambo in Georgia wrote:
I have raised and shown persian cats for over ten years and being in the pet supply business I have tried numerous products over the years. I tried your Prozyme® on my spring litters this year and was most pleased with the results. New born kittens are often subject to enzyme deficiencies which result in fading kittens. By adding Prozyme to the kitten formula we found we were able to eliminate fading kittens. In one case we were able to save a kitten who was almost gone when he was first put on Prozyme.

Older dogs rejuvenated

W. Rylko in Illinois wrote:
My dogs, both personal show dogs and my “strays” have all aged and are now my senior citizens. Since learning about Prozyme®, I feel there was a very noticeable difference in them in the first three days. They usually slept a lot. Now they are much more alert, sleep less and not so listless. They run around like young pups, even play ball again.

I’ve also noticed an older stray Yorkie/Poodle that has bad hip joints causing him to carry one hind leg up, hopping on three legs, now has no trouble walking properly on all four again.

I feel the dogs are obtaining more good from their food due to the breakdown of the food in the body with Prozyme®.
Prozyme® Plus
Stomach problems stop

J. Chase in Florida wrote:
I have a female cat whose front legs shake sometimes when she stands and can’t jump very high. She climbs up on me bed instead of jumping, she also had some stomach problems and tended to vomit a lot. Since she has been taking Prozymes she is able to jump higher, her front legs don’t shake and she doesn’t vomit anymore.

I have another cat that is prone to have a bad fur ball problem and it is hard to give him fur ball medicine since he does not like it. He does not have fur ball problems anymore. It also made all my cats more lively and more playful! One of my cats was frightened all the time and hid a lot and she is out and playing all the time. One other thing it did was to get rid of the fleas that my cats had. With six cats, this saves me about seventy dollars every two months on flea drops from the vet. I have recommended this product to all my friends that have cats. It is a wonderful product.