Technology has enabled the blood levels of essential nutrients to be measured. Using these technologies, scientists in numerous respected laboratories have scientifically proven why PROZYME® has worked so effectively since its development in 1976.

The results of these tests conclusively substantiate that the substrate specific enzymes found in PROZYME® PLUS cause significant increases in the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals and certain essential fatty acids, especially zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, EPA and linoleic acid.
Many maladies are a result of poor nutritional absorption. You may have heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Well, to be more specific it should be “You are what you absorb.”

PROZYME® PLUS is a palatable powder that is sprinkled on, or mixed in, your pet’s food. All it takes is 1/4 teaspoon for every cup of food given. For best results in pets 9 years old or more, double the dosage. After sprinkling there is no waiting period. It does its work in your pet’s body, where he or she needs it, instead of the dish. This means that it is working with your pet’s digestive system.
Cats and dogs have short digestive tracts best suited to flesh. Plant eating animals have much longer digestive tracts. Ensure adequate absorption of vital nutrients in a plant based diet (supplemented with Vegecat™ or Vegedog™) by adding PROZYME® PLUS. Digestion and consequent absorption proceeds much quicker, maximizing nutrition in spite of short digestive tracts possessed by companion animals. Remember, there is no value to nutrients that are neither digested nor absorbed. A healthier pet means a happier pet with a longer, better quality of life.
The enhanced bioavailability of the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other vital nutrients is beneficial to pets of all ages, especially older animals and those experiencing skin problems, fleas, poor coat, excessive shedding, joint difficulties, allergies, immune and digestive disorders, weight problems, bloating, flatulence, coprophagia and any other malady that will benefit from increased nutritional absorption. The increased nutrient level will keep your pet’s immune system strong. Research shows that the amount of food given can be reduced 20% to 35% if there is no need for the animal to gain weight.
For best results, use PROZYME® PLUS with every feeding throughout the life of your pets. PROZYME® PLUS is as beneficial to the young pet requiring extra nutrition as it is to an older pet whose system no longer adequately absorbs nutrients.

Economical PROZYME® PLUS is available in a 10.6 ounce container (300 grams) which lasts a 44 pound (20 kg) dog for 8 months or a cat for 32 months (good for multiple cat households).
Prozyme® Plus